About EXIT 331

We are 3 girls that are always doing different projects.  We've been doing random arts and crafts like this for years and realized we make pretty cool stuff! So get in on this and order while it's hot! You will see our products change as we evolve and try new things.  We aim to please and will go over and above your expectations because this is not our job, it's our passion and we love doing this!

Meet Casey!  She has a style that is risky and loves doing live videos to show off our new inventory!
Meet Nikki! She is a jeans and Tshirt kinda gal and is your 'go to' for car decals!

Meet Julia! She is our favorite designer and she joined the group a few months after launch to complete our trio!  

Follow us on facebook and join our private group to get to know us better at Exit 331 Coffee Talk.


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